Outdoor Activities

Teens camping and backpacking
Participating in recreational activities outdoors is beneficial in many ways. Such activities allow one to enjoy nature and weather, explore new areas and interact with fauna and flora. They often involve exercise as well. The range of outdoor activities vary with terrain and climate, but there are innumerable diversions one can pursue in the great outdoors.
On land, one can participate in camping, hiking, tree/rock/mountain climbing, cycling, running, and geocaching. In colder climates, the activities of skiing, snowboarding, iceskating and just playing in the snow become accessible.
Oceans and other bodies of water provide a plethora of unique activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, boating and playing water sports are all common aquatic pursuits. Humans also partake in various forms of flight, skydiving, parasailing, gliding, ballooning and bungee jumping while in the air.
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