Poverty and Hunger

Impoverished hungry children holding an empty wooden bowl for food

According to the World Bank, the 'absolute poverty line' is $1.25  per day per person; below which a person can hardly survive. This international poverty line is a calculated average of the 15 poorest countries.  

There are, however, 1.5 billion people living in nationally-defined poverty. U.S. poverty levels, for example -- as determine by the Census Bureau -- fall into 13 different poverty thresholds.

Hunger is the body's way of signaling, through physical sensations, that it needs or desires food and nourishment. Hunger can lead to malnutrition and eventually starvation.

According to the World Food Programme, 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat, and hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria & tuberculosis combined.

Humanitarian and intergovernmental organizations like World Food Programme, Oxfam and the United Nations study and work to develop strategies to combat worldwide hunger, water starvation and poverty.

(Sources: Oxfam, Poverty.com, Institute for Research on Poverty, World Food Programme / Photo: Shutterstock )

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