Raising Healthy Kids

Healthy child playing outside and eating watermelon
By raising children to be healthy, a parent sets a precedent for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can last the rest of their child's life. Keeping healthy foods in your household and turning those foods into snacks are great ways to instill nutrition as a regular part of a child's life. Giving kids an active role in food preparation — such as tending a garden and cooking meals — will make them want to eat their healthy food.
Exercise is also very important to both children's health (not to mention adult health as well).  Setting a limit on TV and computer time and encouraging children to play outside is a good way to get them less lethargic and more mobile. Enrolling your child in sports is a great choice of activity as well, but be sure to take them to games and cheer for them there. Family outings can help the family bond while keeping everyone active.

Maintaining the right balance between discipline and nurturing is an essential part of rearing healthy children. If they eat unhealthy, don't scold them each time; instead try redirecting them to healthier foods that are sweet or salty. When they eat healthy, praise their good choices. (Photo: Shutterstock)

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