Religion & Spirituality

Sistine Chapel

Religion is an organized set of fundamental beliefs shared by a number of people or sects that centers around explaining the cause, purpose and nature of the universe. These sets of beliefs often consider the universe as the creation of some supreme power or powers. Religions involve ritual, devotional and cultural practices in their belief systems, as well as a code of ethics contained therein. Religions are usually centered around several texts that contain all of these beliefs within, in addition to narratives and histories.

Spirituality refers to the practice of concerning oneself with the inner spirit or soul, as opposed to material or physical things. Spirituality is neither a religion nor necessarily affiliated with religions or organizations. Rather, it is a way of life that is inherently personal. People practice spirituality in many different ways, but common themes in spirituality involve getting to know oneself, feeling connected to oneself and others, and finding meaning, purpose and direction in life.  (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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