Save Money

Letter tiles spelling out "Save" over dollar bills

Using coupons, buying generic brands or used products, finding cheaper rates for services and bills, and getting rid of unused subscriptions and memberships are a few among many common ways people conserve cash.

Going green can both help the environment and save significant amounts of money in the process. One way to start with this is moving toward a DIY lifestyle and purchasing fewer products from stores.

There are many ways to adopt a frugal yet sustainable lifestyle. Motorists can save on fuel costs and reduce emissions by carpooling and/or driving an electric or hybrid vehicle. Doing an energy and toxin audit can help homeowners save money on power and water bills, and make their homes cleaner and safer. Recycling old electronics and common household items is also beneficial for the environment, and some sites offer compensation for doing it.

MNN has coupons, gift ideas, DIY inspirations and other strategies for reducing the burden on your purse or wallet. Find more information on how to save money in the articles below. (Photo: 401(K) 2012 / Flickr)


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