Interconnected male & female symbols
Sexuality refers to one's capacity for sexual feelings, experiences and responses. The "Circles of Sexuality" model describes it as comprising five broad, interconnected areas: sensuality, intimacy, sexual identity, sexual health and reproduction. Sexuality is a complex blend of many biological phenomena and varies greatly from person to person.
Sexuality in humans typically begins developing in the early teenage years, during the biological process called puberty. Humans are among the few animals to engage in both reproductive and nonreproductive sex, and sexuality becomes a fundamental aspect of our personalities and social lives. It is often the driving force behind our strong emotional feelings toward others, as well as a motivator for many of our decisions and actions.
While it is ever-present in our lives, some aspects of sexuality still have societal taboos and stigmas attached to them. The historical taboos against homosexuality and the LGBTQ community, however, have begun to erode in recent years due to growing societal acceptance. (Photo: Shutterstock)

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