sustainable packaging
Sustainability is a principle in which humans can live in harmony with nature and fulfill social and economic responsibility.  Measures in sustainability can take the form of green transportation, economic development, biodegradable packaging, reducing use of natural resources, and impact of carbon emissions.
Packaging, for example, is all around us — different types of plastics, paper, glass, metal and other materials help contain innumerable products and substances. Unfortunately, much of this packaging is considered disposable, and even if it's recyclable, it often doesn't end up recycled. Additionally, some of the materials used in packaging contain harmful elements (specifically plastics). Many companies have worked to provide eco-friendlier packaging, which helps reduce waste, improve efficiency and prevent exposure to chemicals.
Susbainability is a delicate balance between ensuring current and future generations have the food, water and materials they need, without irreparably depleting natural and human resources. (Photo: Flickr)

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