Sustainable Brands

sustainable brand model
Sustainable Brands is a community of business thought leaders and innovators striving to reduce the impact of conducting business.
Sustainability is core to member organizations' values, brand strategy, design, development and marketing. And, the company effectively balances social & environmental responsibility with profitability. 
Launched in 2006, Sustainable Brands has become a global learning, collaboration, and commerce community of forward-thinking business and brand strategy, marketing, innovation and sustainability professionals who are leading the way to a better future.  
We recognize that brands today have a unique role to play in both focusing corporate energy and also influencing culture.  We seek to enable the success of better brands that are helping shift the world to a sustainable economy by helping them embed environmental and social innovation into the DNA of their business so that sustainability becomes a core driver of business and brand value.
This community of innovators, solution providers and social entrepreneurs collaborates on opportunities to drive business built on a foundation of sustainability. (Source: Sustainable Brands / Photo: Sutterstock)

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