As I approached the Oct. 30 due date of my first pregnancy, I got a lot of name suggestions that went along with the upcoming Halloween holiday. I had no idea there were so many sweet and spooky names inspired by the season of ghosts and ghouls.

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Be it Igor or Elvira, the Halloween season really does have some fun-tastic names to choose from. Whether or not you have a Halloween baby on the way, get inspired by these creepy cool Halloween-inspired baby names:

For the girls:

1. Bella — Short for Isabella, this name is a hit with folks from both Team Edward and Team Jacob.

2. Blair — Blair Witch Project anyone?

3. Buffy — Not a fan of vampires? Maybe you prefer the name of everyone's favorite vampire slayer.

4. Carrie — Stephen King fans will remember this shy character from his early book of the same name. One warning: If you give your daughter this name, do not make her angry!

5. Elvira — The mistress of the night has inspired many a baby name.

6. Esme — This name, which means "to love," was the perfect name for the Cullen matriarch.

7. Luna — Or "moon," is a great name for babies born during a full moon or parents who just loved that quirky wizard from Harry Potter.

8. Morticia — Before there was Esme, Morticia was the the monster mom that everyone wanted to know.

9. Raven — Love the color black? Or the Baltimore football team? Or maybe you're a fan of that classically-creepy Edgar Allan Poe poem. Either way, this name is sure to be a hit.

10. Sabrina — If you give your daughter this name, you better keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't turn into a teenage witch.

For the boys:

1. Casper — What could be cuter than the world's friendliest ghost?

2. Cullen — Nowadays, this name brings to mind the world's favorite vampire family. But it's also a traditional Irish name that means "handsome."

3. Dexter — Love Michael C. Hall or his criminal TV persona? Give this Latin name (it means right-handed) a try.

4. Draco — The name means "dragon," but most people just think of that sneering wizard from Harry Potter.

5. Edward — Vampire lovers have brought this name (that means "guardian") to the top of the charts.

6. Ichabod — You can't get much more straight-up Halloweeny than naming your son after this classic "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" character.

7. Igor — Got an evil scientist in the making? This might be the perfect name for him.

8. Jack — As in jack-o'-lantern. The perfect mix of classic and Halloween.

9. Jasper — Yet another "Twilight"-inspired baby name.

10. Poe — As in the dark poet, Edgar Allan Poe