A trip to the hair salon for your baby's first haircut may sound like a fun way to share a milestone moment with your child.  But for many babies, the hair salon - with its unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells - may feel like a hair-raising experience.  


Here's how to make your baby's first haircut a moment that you'll want to remember:


Pick a kid-friendly salon. That fancy salon downtown may give the best haircuts, but will the stylists there have patience for your squirmy toddler?  Look for a salon with a kid-friendly atmosphere and hair stylists that know the lingo when it comes to talking to kids.


Do a trial run.  Have your child come along with you or a friend the next time you visit the hairdresser.  Talk her through the process - the cape, the scissors, etc. - so that she will feel more comfortable when it's her turn to sit in the chair.  Another idea is to talk her through the process at home and pretend to "trim" her hair with your fingers the next time she is taking a bath.


Come prepared.  Bring along a snack and a small toy - particularly if you think your child might have to wait to get his trim.  And it probably goes without saying but try to book your child's appointment earlier in the day when he is more likely to be awake and perky.


Go with the flow. When your child sits down in the hair dresser's chair, turn the seat so that she faces you rather than the mirror.  That way she can focus on you rather than on the scary scissors in the mirror.  If you need to, let her sit on your lap and snuggle to ease her anxiety.  


Get pics! Don't forget this crucial element of baby's first haircut.  Even if you just hand off your iPhone to the patron in the next seat, make sure you get some good shots of this milestone moment!


5 tips for baby's first haircut
How to make your baby's first hair cut a milestone moment you will treasure for years to come.