One of my favorite NPR programs is "Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me." I don’t get to listen to it on the radio often. When I know I’m going to have a long car ride, I’ll download several recent episodes in podcast form and listen in the car. It makes the time go quickly. Last weekend I had a two-hour up and two-hour back trip in the same day to see my niece dance in "The Nutcracker," and I listened to several episodes along the way. That’s how I found out the foodie baby name of the year, bestowed upon 72 newborns.

It’s Cheese. Yes, 72 sets of parents thought it was clever to name their baby boys Cheese, according to Baby Center. The name grew 450 percent in popularity this year. If the name stays trendy and the rate stays the same next year, there will be more than 300 little Cheeses born in 2014.

I’m not judging. I'm not going to ask, "What were they thinking?" I’m just bringing you the statistics. 

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72 sets of parents named their kid 'Cheese' in 2013 (seriously)
Cheesy trend saw a 450% growth in popularity this year.