All he did was pick up a baby to soothe her, but it has garnered him worldwide attention. That's because the setting is not normally one friendly to babies, especially fussy ones.

Sydney Engelberg is a professor at Hebrew University. During one of his recent lectures, a mother brought along her baby because she could not afford a babysitter. As luck would have it, the baby began to get fussy. The mother rose to leave the class so as not to disrupt her peers, but was instead greeted by Engelberg, who took the baby from her and soothed the little one by holding her as he moved around the classroom.

As any parent will tell you, most babies don't like to sit still. Or rather, they don't like it when the person holding them sits still — especially during a lecture on organizational management. But move around while talking about organizational management and it's a whole different story.

Engelberg knew this because he is a parent of four and a grandfather of five, so he's used to soothing babies. A photo of Engelberg holding the baby and nonchalantly continuing his lecture was shared on Facebook and has since gone viral, making the rounds on Facebook, Reddit and everywhere else on social media.

As one Imgur user commented, "I can't even begin to imagine how much that probably meant to her — knowing that someone valued her education and supported her that much."

Engelberg, a professor for 45 years, can't really see what the fuss is about, which makes him even more endearing. According to his students, Engelberg has always encouraged parents to bring their babies to class if necessary and to breastfeed if the situation requires it.

Another commenter summed up the situation beautifully with this response: "That man deserves a medal for accepting that real life happens, and mama needs her education."

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