Wow! Sometimes you just really have to wonder about the marketing campaigns that are designed to advertise a product. It always irks me when an ad campaign misrepresents the facts or "embellishes" beyond good business practices. But some campaigns — like the one launched recently by Bittylab baby bottles — are so downright insulting that you feel the need to scream from the top of your lungs to fire back. 


Case in point: The tweet above sent by the @bittylab account 12 times over the last few days. "Reclaim your wife?" RECLAIM YOUR WIFE? Are they kidding me? As if the woman belongs to the man? As if by breast-feeding her child the mother is not fulfilling her wifely duties? As if the husband is somehow in competition with his new baby?


Think I'm exaggerating or reading into their campaign too much? Here's another tweet sent out for the campaign:


As you can imagine, this #ReclaimYourWife baloney was met with some angry resistance on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of my favorite comments to date:


‏@wheniwasaworm Women: You are a set of body parts which are owned by your husband. Even breastfeeding is not allowed without his permission - @bittylab

Dear @bittylab: I had no urge to 'reclaim' my wife from my child, because a) I am a grown up and b) I did not 'claim' her in the first place


‏@Threebt @bittylab New baby? Bring your wife a glass of water and sit down beside her on the sofa while she breastfeeds your child.


To add fuel to the fire, Bittylab issued a response to all of the criticism that completely missed the mark and provided further evidence as to how far out of touch Bittylab really is with new parents. From the company's Facebook page:


"Ladies, We're really sorry about the twitter campaign run last week. It was a huge miss understood and resulted in offensive messages. It was taken down yesterday. The messages had nothing to do with putting a husband needs before the baby's needs, it was more about having a little extra time for the rest of the family. Obviously the whole campaign was poorly executed. We apologize deeply for this miss understanding and assure you, from now on the campaigns will be closely monitored before they go out. Thank you for a second chance."


Misspellings and grammatical errors aside, I was irritated from the first word of this apology. Addressing this apologize only to the "ladies," completely misses the point that new parenthood is a team effort and that their campaign was just as insulting to new fathers as it is to new mothers. And the explanation about the point of the campaign being about "having a little extra time for the rest of the family," makes me wonder if anyone at this company has ever actually cared for a new baby. 


Do you agree? Is the Bittylab campaign a big fat marketing FAIL or do you think I am judging the company too harshly?


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