Two years ago, I wrote a post about a doll that had sparked a bit of debate between parents around the country. Like other "reality" dolls, bebé Glotón from Spanish toymaker Berjuan aims to give little girls an outlet for pretending to care for a baby. But unlike other dolls on the market that cry, or bottle-feed, or even poop, bebé Glotón is a doll that little girls can actually breastfeed. And two years later, the debate is still going strong on whether or not this doll is appropriate for children.

Bebé Glotón, or BreastMilk Baby for the U.S. market, lets kids pretend to breastfeed. With World Breastfeeding Week right around the corner, parents, health experts and news outlets alike are revisiting the idea of a doll that attaches to the chest area of a tank top so that little girls can pretend to breastfeed. Here is a recent clip from "Good Morning America" in which they sampled public opinion surrounding the doll:

It seems the results were mixed. The kids loved it, while the parents were less than enthusiastic. As for me, I stand by conviction from two yeas ago that a breastfeeding doll is no more or less appropriate for girls than a doll that bottle feeds. But priced between $70-$100, I can think of a lot less expensive dolls that are just as good for a young child to nurture.

What do you think?

Breastfeeding doll debate revisited
Parents around the country continue to debate whether or not the 'Breast Milk Baby' is appropriate for young children.