Breastfeeding issues and news were all over the web this week, spawned by formula recalls, marketing scandals, and one particularly luscious pair of ... cream cheese bagels. In case you missed them, here are some of the best breastfeeding posts that made their way around the Web this week:

  • Just yesterday, I wrote about the recall of Similac infant formula due to beetle infestation. And while this issue wasn't particularly a breastfeeding issue, it (for better or worse) became just one more point in the breastfeeding-vs.-formula debate as parents piped in around the blogosphere. 
  • Speaking of formula, don't miss Breast is Best, Sponsored by Simfamil: Don Draper Explains It All For Us. Have you ever thought it was kind of fishy that a lot of breastfeeding information is sponsored by formula companies? This post by Dou-la-la puts the infant-formula-marketing-machine in "Mad Men" terms you'll understand.
  • Along those lines, Amy Gates, aka Crunchy Domestic Goddess, wrote this gem of a guest post on the Blogher website entitled Booby Traps Set Breastfeeding Moms Up For Failure that highlights some of the societal obstacles to breastfeeding that often go overlooked.
  • The Inconsiderate Breastfeeding Woman: Don't let the title fool you ... this post by Citizen of the Month is sure to please!
Breastfeeding posts to round out your weekend
4 great breastfeeding posts that kept the web abuzz this week.