Last week's hubbub over Mayor Bloomberg's initiative to promote breast-feeding in hospitals got me thinking more about the moms who choose — for whatever reason — not to breast-feed and the best and healthiest ways to utilize infant formula to feed your baby.


I'm not going to get into the whole "Breast is Best" argument here. I know plenty of moms who love their kids just as much as any breast-feeding mom, yet choose to use formula because that is what worked for them and their families.


So what are the best and healthiest choices when it comes to formula? For starters, choose organic formulas over non-organic whenever possible. Also, go for powdered formula over liquid. It creates less waste, it's cheaper, and powdered formula cans are generally safer in terms of chemical contaminants than the plastic containers used to hold liquid formula. If you do choose liquid, look for formula packaged in a can or in a "safer" plastic container (#'s 1, 2, 4, or 5.) Oh, and just to make things even more confusing ... while I did say that cans are generally safer than plastic when it comes to packaging, make sure that the can is not lined with plastic or BPA resin.  


Got all that? Don't worry, I can make it even simpler...


Bottom line: Healthy Child Healthy World recommends the following infant formula brands:


Baby's Only Organic Formula

Earth's Best

Enfamil Powdered Packets

Similac Powdered Packets

Similac Liquid RTF in a plastic quart-sized container


When it comes to baby bottles, choose glass, metal or BPA-free plastic.  


Choosing a safe and healthy infant formula
What you need to know to choose the best infant formula for your baby.