Trying to decide what to wear? Now that you have a baby on the way your selections are about to get a whole lot more, ahem, interesting.  But the good news is that there are lots of ways to green your expanding wardrobe.  Here's how:

Buy Preloved

Look for gently used "pre-loved" clothes whenever possible.  Not only will it save you a fortune, but it will keep these items out of the landfill and reduce the need to use additional resources.  And really, who wants to spend a lot of cash and wreak havoc on the environment for a wardrobe that will only last nine months?

Buy Organic

When you do need to buy new, look for organic fabrics that minimize the environmental impact of the garment’s production.    Skip cheap and poorly made clothes that will fall apart after the first washing. Instead, save the planet and protect your overall investment by purchasing clothes that are built to last. Look for sturdy stitching, strong fabrics, and a minimum number of appliqués.  The list of companies getting into eco-fashion is growing every day. Jessica Scott, Hip and Little, Baby Nut, and MollyAnna are all good sources for organic maternity clothing. 

Reduce Your Carbon "Footprint"

For shoes, try Timberland a company that makes environmental commitments that go beyond a “greenwashed” label.  A number of the company’s global retail stores are carbon neutral, they use renewable energy at several of their facilities, and they provide a $3,000 incentive for employees that purchase hybrid cars.  In addition, many of their most popular products now include a “Green Index” label that informs consumers about the chemicals and materials used and climate impact created to produce each item. Another company that is working towards providing us friendlier footprints is Simple Shoes. They have great looking casual shoes for the whole family made from organic fibers, water-based glues, and recycled materials.

Pass It On

After your baby is born, be sure to pass on your maternity clothes to an expecting friend or to your local thrift store so that your can stretch the "green" even further.

Eco-savvy maternity clothing
How to green your expanding maternity wardrobe.