Last month, I wrote about the Great Cloth Diaper Change, the international diaper-changing event. The organizers of the event were hoping to break the Guinness World Record of 5,026 cloth diapers changed simultaneously, which was set during last year's Great Cloth Diaper Change.


I'm happy to report that they succeeded!


Here is a breakdown of the stats for those who like to look at the numbers:


At the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change, 8,251 babies were changed at 189 sites in 11 countries. This smashed the 2011 record of 5,026 babies changed at 127 sites in five countries.


Calley Pate, a.k.a, The Eco Chic, was a co-organizer for the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Tampa, Fla., and had this to say about the event:


"The Tampa, FL GCDC was a huge success with over 100 babies changed into reusable cloth diapers on April 21, 2012. It was absolutely amazing to see so many babies in cloth diapers. It really shows that our local community is committed to raising awareness of cloth diapering."

Congrats to all of the organizers and participants of this fun, family friendly event. What a great way to build community support for using cloth diapers!  


Were you at this year's Great Cloth Diaper Change? Think they can break 10,000 next year?

Great Cloth Diaper change breaks world record
International diaper-changing event draws thousands of participants to 189 sites in 11 countries.