Earlier this month, blogger Claire Goss kicked up quite a controversy when she confessed in a blog on Babble that she rarely bathes her baby.  Goss wrote:

"Yep, total confession time: I really don’t bathe my baby. I’m guessing at least half of you cringed reading the above and the other half nodded in solemn approval. I honestly didn’t even realize it was true until today when I spotted his bathtub sitting dejectedly in a corner. “Huh,” I thought, “when was the last time I used THAT?!”"
Here's a clip of Goss explaining her decision on Good Morning America:


Goss' post instantly went viral, with parents on both sides of the issue sharing their opinions about whether or not Goss should bathe her baby more - or even less - frequently.  And of course it got me thinking about how often I bathed my girls when they were babies.  

Interestingly, I was the opposite of Goss.  Even though it's been many years since I've had a baby to bathe, I do remember bathing my second baby more than the first.  But it was simply because of their preferences.  My eldest daughter hated the bath.  Or I should say, she hated getting out of the bath.  Hated it.  The splashing around in the water part was okay, but getting her out of the bath - that was a nightmare.  We tried everything - warming her towels, offering instant breastfeeding, or snuggling with her under a cover.  But nothing appeased her.  Once she was in the bath, she wanted to stay in.  Permanently.  Certainly well past the time that her lips were blue and her fingertips were purple.  So needless to say, we did not really push the daily bath.  And certainly not as part of any "relaxing" bedtime routine.

My youngest on the other hand, enjoyed a bath, but had no trouble transitioning to land once it was over.  And I also found that the bath was a good place for a little one-on-one time with this baby who was constantly schlepped to playdates, soccer games, and other activities for her older sister.  

So unlike Goss, it was my younger daughter that scored more bath time.  But of course, she was only baby number two, whereas Goss is blogging about the bathing habits of her baby number three.  Throw a third baby into my world and it's likely that none of us would get bathed very often.

What do you think of Goss' so-called "confession?  How often do you - or did you - bathe your baby?

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