For decades, Johnson & Johnson has promoted its baby shampoo with the "No More Tears" byline.  And now they can add "No More Toxins," to that message.  This month, the company announced that they have started to follow through on a promise made two yeas ago to remove toxic chemicals from their products.  And not surprisingly, they started with their iconic baby shampoo.  

It all started in a few years ago, when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics called for a boycott against Johnson & Johnson until the company agreed to remove toxic chemicals - namely 1, 4-dioxane and a substance called quaternium-15 that releases formaldehyde - from their baby shampoo formula.  The first chemical, 1,4-dioxane is considered a likely carcinogen, while the second chemical, quaternium-15, kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde — a known human carcinogen.  The non-profit group pointed out that the Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo made and sold in Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and the U.K does not contain either of these chemicals.  So why the double standard for the U.S.?

Johnson & Johnson initially responded with a standard press release asserting the safety of their products.  But after intense public pressure the company agreed and in 2012, they made a promise to remove 1, 4-dioxane and quaternium-15 from nearly all of their toiletry and cosmetic products worldwide by 2015.  Johnson & Johnson commented at the time that baby products would be given the first priority and would be reformulated with safer ingredients by the end of 2013 while products marketed to adults will be reformulated by the end of 2015. 

And that day has come.  The company announced this month that it has achieved its goal of removing the toxins from its baby shampoo formula.  The reformulated products are on their way to store shelves around the world right now and will replace existing bottles over the next several months.

How will you know if the product you're purchasing contains toxins or not?  The only clue will be the words "Improved Formula," on the bottle.  Have you seen the 'new and improved' baby shampoo yet?  Let us know when you do!

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