Actress and entrepreneur Josie Maran welcomed a new baby girl into the world earlier this week — and she did it in a place she felt the most comfortable: her farm. 


The 34-year-old recently wrote in a blog post that the decision to have her second child at home was largely due to the success of her first birth. 


"When I was pregnant with my daughter Rumi, everyone seemed to have an opinion on how I should give birth," she wrote. "As soon as I started researching my choices, I realized that the most natural way of giving birth was going to be best for me."


"Rumi was born at home, outside, and it was an incredible experience. I’m planning the same kind of birth for my second child. If you want my advice (!), I’d suggest that you explore all your options and then decide what’ll work best for you (and convince the others involved, if necessary)."


According to People magazine, Maran delivered via water birth in the backyard of her rented 200-acre farm in Pennsylvania. Tweeting a photo announcing her arrival, the actress wrote: “She’s here!! Heavenly creature.”


Earlier this month, Maran wrote about how staying on the farm has given her a chance to re-connect with nature, as well as reduce her carbon footprint. 


"Now my commute [to her studios at QVC] takes a lot less fossil fuel and a lot less of my energy, too," she writes. "It’s a 10-minute drive (in my Prius, of course) through rolling hills, instead of a 10-hour, cross-country ordeal."


She added: "Outside our windows, we have horses to our left and farms to our right. Being here is reminding me that eating local isn’t some trendy big-city idea. It’s the way people in the country have always eaten, and still do."

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Josie Maran had a farm water birth
Actress delivered a 7.5-pound baby girl at her Pennsylvania farm on July 2.