What is your gut reaction when you see the picture posted above? Are you smiling at the sweet shot of moms and their babies or shocked at depiction of military moms in a state of undress?


This picture has sparked a lot of controversy over the last 24 hours, with many folks — even those who typically support breastfeeding — squirming at the sight of moms in military uniform breastfeeding their babies.




This is what breastfeeding looks like.


It is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It does not make a women less of a mom or less of a soldier to breastfeed her baby. It does not make her weak and vulnerable. It should not be hidden away and I can't think of a single reason why a breastfeeding mom in the military should be given any less of an opportunity to feed her baby in public than any other working mom.


Would it be OK if these women were bottle feeding their babies or feeding them jars of strained peas? Of course it would. So why do we continue to feel squeamish about breastfeeding?


Why is it OK for a woman to kill and die while in uniform, but not for her to support life?


This is what breastfeeding looks like.


It is a normal, natural and healthy way to feed a baby. And I salute these moms for giving their best to their babies and to their country.



Military moms spark outrage by breastfeeding in uniform
Why is it OK for moms to die in uniform, but not to support life?