Anna Young pumping while running Anna Young pumped breastmilk at mile 8 of the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. (Photo: Anna Young/Facebook/ Occupy Breastfeeding)

Utah mom Anna Young became a #breastfeedinggoals hero last weekend when she pumped breastmilk while running in a half marathon. You read that right. This did not happen before or after the race (which would have been impressive enough), it happened during the race, while Young was still running.

Young was running the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon in Salt Lake City earlier this month and she had her pump with her as she knew she would likely need to take care of business at some point during the race. She had to leave at 4:30 a.m. to get to the race start, and though she nursed her 5-month-old daughter before she left, she needed to pump around the 8-mile mark.

Young's original plan was to find a discreet place to stop midway through the 13.1-mile race to pump, but when the time came, she was feeling good and decided to just keep moving. To her surprise, a nearby race photographer snapped a shot of her mid-race and mid-pump, which she shared online with the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding as a thank you to the breastfeeding community that had given her so much support after her daughter was born.

Young's pumping prowess and post have received lots of attention online and both have started a conversation about the interesting places women have found themselves when the need to pump arose. Here are some of our favorites:

"The bathroom stall at the National Zoo while on a field trip with my 2nd grader." -- Valerie.

"At the big house in Michigan University while making my husband's dream come true of his first time ever visiting the campus." -- Ellen.

"At the Verizon center parking garage at a Wiggles concert in the car with my 2 year old in my lap, friends waiting outside the car and my 1 month old at home." -- Monica

"In the far sides of numerous grocery store or city park parking lots while I was a sales representative. When your car is your office, it is also your pumping location." -- Melinda.

"At a silent yoga training retreat. That pump seemed REALLY LOUD!" -- Brooke

"Driving down Interstate 81 in between meetings. Only me in the car." -- Liz

"Sink bank in women's bathroom at O'Hare airport, where the only plu[g] was located." -- Lisa

"At my desk in a hallway where people passed from the WIC waiting room to the area where they weigh the babies." -- Kaia

"On a wildfire." -- Missy

"While walking and shopping at Costco." -- Bridget

"In a tree stand while hunting." -- Chelsea

"Airport bathroom in CT." -- Sara

"Gym locker room stall at work." --Meaghan

"In a teeny-tiny airplane bathroom stall during a cross country flight while holding my sleeping newborn daughter." -- Jenn (that's me!)

Thanks for sharing ladies! So moms, where's the weirdest place that you have ever pumped breastmilk?

Moms, where's the weirdest place you've ever pumped breastmilk?
Nursing mom becomes breastfeeding hero by pumping during a half marathon.