Like most new dads, Gjoci was nervous about the welfare of his precious newborn daughter, particualrly in the night when some babies do scary things - like stop breathing.  So he did what any good nervous dad/hacker/blogger would do, he created a breath detector from a Wiimote and a trio of 1 milliwatt lasers, and then wrote a post about it.


Positioned above the crib, the lasers act as an alarm that notifies Gjoci immediately anytime his daughter's  breathing seems to stop or becomes irregular.  


Here's a video of Gjoci's baby breathe monitor in action:



via Hack A Day

OK, so maybe this is a bit over-protective.  But I think it's cute.  As long as he's making sure those lasers don't zap his daughter in the eye.  And hey, if this gives him a little peace of mind at night then more power to him.  


What do you think of Gjoci's baby breathing monitor?  



New dad uses lasers and Wiimote to monitor baby's breathing
Hacker's baby breathing monitor sets off an alarm if his baby stops moving in the night.