Officials in the United Kingdom want mew moms to breast-feed their babies.  And they're putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to encouragement.

According to a new report from the BBC, new moms in certain areas of the U.K. are bring offered up to £200 (right now that's about $317 dollars) in shopping vouchers to encourage them to breast-feed their babies. The vouchers can be used in grocery stores as well as certain clothing stores.

The pilot project was launched in the low-income communities of Sheffield and Derbyshire.  These areas were chosen because they have such low breastfeeding rates --on average less than 25 percent of new moms in these communities were breast-feeding by the six- to eight-week mark compared with the 55 percent national average for the country.  If it's a success, health officials say the program may start rolling out across the U.K. next year.

To qualify for the full reward, the women will have to breast-feed until their babies are six months old.

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