What's not to love about a beautiful pregnancy photo? That glowing skin and those flowing clothes, and the mom-to-be lying in the grass or wrapped up in the arms of her partner. Those images truly are lovely, but as any woman who has ever been pregnant can tell you, they don't tell the whole story. The real story of pregnancy can be slightly more chaotic and definitely less glamorous. That's the side of the story that photographer Danielle Guenther wanted to capture in her recent photo series, "What The Bump?"

Priorities - Pregnancy photo series The only thing unrealistic about this image is that the children are letting the moms eat those treats without begging for their own stash. (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

This is not the first time photographer Danielle Guenther has tried to show the messier side of families. Her series "Best Case Scenario" focused on the chaos of family life — the chores, late-night feedings, sleep deprivation and general madness that accompany life with small children. It's obviously a much different take than the carefully staged and manicured family photos we see (and share) on social media. And it's just that level of craziness that Guenther hoped to portray in this maternity series.

Morning Sickness- Pregnancy photo series Morning sickness — it's not just for mornings when you're pregnant! (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

In Guenther's series, there are no heart-shaped hands holding the tummy. Instead, there are broken eggs and broken water, prenatal cravings and nausea, and just the overwhelming exhaustion that comes from growing a human inside your body.

Calling For Backup - Pregnancy photo series When you're pregnant and caring for little ones, even a simple trip to the grocery store can be an ordeal. (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

We asked Guenther what motivated her to capture the not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy.

"I wanted to shed some light on what women go through when they're growing a human," she said. "Some serious superheros we are!! What a beautiful process, but wow can it be a rough ride with all of those crazy pregnancy symptoms. We all try to put on our best smile as we're pregnant, but inside we are counting down those days until we can have our bodies back and we meet those little peanuts. As hard as pregnancy can be for some women, it's still such a beautiful process!"

Over-Do - Pregnancy photo series An overdue pregnant woman will do almost anything to get the party going. (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

The "What The Bump?" series is still a work in progress with new photos added frequently. Scroll down to see more images from this series, and check out her website, Facebook page and Instagram to see new photos as they are added.

It's Go Time - Pregnancy photo series This is sort of what it looks like when a pregnant woman's water breaks — minus a huge puddle of fluid surrounding her on the floor. (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

Nesters' Anonymous - Pregnancy photo series I'm just gonna assume that there was someone standing very close by to make sure that this ladder was steady! (Photo: Danielle Guenther)

The not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy
Danielle Guenther's 'What The Bump?' photos take a humorous look at what it really means to be pregnant.