The waiting game is hard for any new mom-to-be. Every day leading up to (and often past) your due date feels like an eternity. But can you imagine what it must feel like for the whole world to be waiting for your new baby to arrive?

The United Kingdom's most famous royal couple - Prince William and Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) - are playing the royal baby waiting game right now. And the whole world is playing along with them. The baby is apparently due on July 11th - Thursday! - which means that the anticipation levels are sky high for the Prince and Princess as they anxiously await their new arrival. And the media and well-wishers have apparently already staked out their spots near Buckingham Palace and St Mary's of London, the hospital where Kate plans to give birth.

Royal sources tell us that when "baby time" arrives, the first announcement from the palace will come after Kate has been admitted to the hospital. The second will be the formal birth announcement, in the form of a traditional paper announcement on an easel in front of the palace.

In the meantime, royal baby watchers around the world have found amusement in books, apps, and even betting on the details of the royal birth.

A cute new book called Shh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby is available for preorder now on Amazon and will presumably be released in conjunction with the new baby's arrival. Baby watchers can use the app Name the Royal Baby to make their own guesses on the baby's birth date, gender, and name or use the app Baby Royals to add a little royal bling to your own children's baby pictures.

Check out this video from ABC News on all of the gambling that has sprung up in anticipation of the new royal heir. Folks are betting on everything from the baby's name and gender to whom (Kate or William) will carry the baby out from the hospital for the world's first sneak peek.

So do you have a guess for the baby's date of birth? Hopefully, for Kate's sake, it will be sooner rather than later!
Royal baby watching reaches fever pitch worldwide
Prince William and Princess Catherine anxiously await the birth of their baby - and the whole world is waiting right along with them.