It's the kind of thing that only happens once in a hundred years.  This year, newborn babies have a shot at a one in a million birthday: 11-11-11.  

All over the world, prospective parents are taking aim for this unusual and some say, lucky, birthday.  And in order to do that, the time is now for those parents to get down to the business of baby making.

According to fertility experts, a woman who conceives on February 18th will have a November 11 due date, provided she has a regular 28-day cycle. But as any woman who has been through this whole concpetion/due date cycle can tell you, these dates are not set in stone.  Babies come when they are good and ready to come, and the whole business of due dates is much more of a guess than a science.  

But if you're aiming for this once in a hundred years birthday, the time is now to get it on.  Cycles vary, pregnancy length varies, and medical situations vary, so conceiving a child anytime in the next week or two might help you hit that coveted 11-11-11 target, or it might not.  Have fun trying!

Shooting for a 11-11-11 baby?
Want your baby to be born on 11-11-11? Get ready to get it on.