Just when most of the debate regarding the potential health risks of cellphone radiation had seemed to die down, a new study has emerged to re-ignite the flames. This time, the focus is on the effect that cellphone use by pregnant women may have their unborn babies.


The new study comes to us from researchers from the Yale School of Medicine who found that exposing pregnant mice to radiation from a cellphone affected the future behavior of their offspring. Specifically, mice exposed to radiation as fetuses were more hyperactive, had more anxiety and poorer memory — symptoms that sound similar to those associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.)


Neurological tests performed during the study showed that the radiation exposure affected the normal development of the neurons in the brain that are linked to ADHD. The inference is that pregnant women of the human variety can cause behavioral health problems for their unborn children by using or carrying a cellphone while pregnant.


The study, published March 15 in Scientific Reports, claims to have provided experimental proof on the impact of radio frequency radiation on human behavior. However, critics say the alarm bells are unfounded as you can't simply take results from mice research and assume the same results will occur in humans.  


Agreed. And surely more research needs to be conducted on this topic? But what does this mean for women who are pregnant today? Conclusive research could be years away.  


Are you pregnant? Will this study change whether or not you use a cellphone on a daily basis?

Study links prenatal cellphone use and ADHD
Yale researchers find that mice exposed to radiation as fetuses were more hyperactive, had more anxiety and poor memory.