In many parts of Africa, pregnant women must walk miles to get to the hospital for checkups and - even worse - when they go into labor.  It's a health issue that former super model Christy Turlington, has been trying to draw attention to for years through her non-profit Every Mother Counts. Recently, an Australian teen took it upon himself to help by creating a solar-powered car that could be used to transport pregnant women in rural parts of Africa to a hospital.

It all started when high schooler Vaibhav Sekhar and his mentor Dr. Peter Pudney were contacted by a non-government organization in Zimbabwe asking if they coulddesign a car that could be used to transport pregnant women to hospital.  Sekhar's solution is a rugged, open-air three-seater that is powered by the sun and requires little maintenance, preventing the need for costly fuel and repairs.

So far, the car is still in the planning stages, but health experts are hopeful that this car of the future will be a good fit for the needs of pregnant women in rural parts of Africa. As for Sekhar, he has earned an A for his efforts and is pleased to know that his design might truly make a difference.

Check out Sekhar as he describes his solar-powered design in this clip from Australia's Yahoo 7 News.

Teen designs solar car to transport pregnant African women to the hospital
A prototype for the rugged open-air solar car is expected to be finished by the end of the year.