Life for a baby can be stressful. One minute you're content in your mother's arms, and the next you're splayed out on a table getting an icy cold wipe down on your nether region. It can be hard to communicate with your big people and everything you come across seems to be equal parts exciting and terrifying.

If only there was a way you could relax and de-stress for a while. Fortunately, if you live in Perth, Australia, there is a place you can go to do just that.

Australia's Baby Spa Perth is a massage parlor designed exclusively for babies. Kavita Kumar and her sister, Anita Yap, own the baby spa and take pleasure in seeing the looks of joy and contentment on their clients' faces.

At the spa, Kumar and Yap offer hydrotherapy and massage for babies under the age of six months. They even have a specially designed device — called the Bubby — that helps keeps babies afloat while they relax. Of course, even with the Bubby, babies are never out of arm's reach of either a parent or staff member.

Baby Spa Perth also offers classes for parents and siblings on a wide range of relaxation techniques that families can use together to bond and chill.

Though there aren't any baby spas in the U.S., there are several sprinkled throughout the U.K., South Africa and Spain.

A day spa for babies is a brilliant idea. It offers babies and their families a unique way to connect and relax. And let's face it, the photos could not be any more adorable. They may not be as good as a trip to the day spa, but they might just be the next best thing.

There's a day spa for babies in Australia, and the pics are priceless
What could be more relaxing for babies than a nice warm bath and drifting off to sleep with a massage?