In Tibet, one in 10 newborns dies due to preventable causes.  And many women face death in order to give life.

Nurse practioner Arlene Samen has been working in areas like this for almost ten years, dedicating her life to protect women and babies living in these vulnerable conditions.  She has developed a life-saving model to bring safe motherhood conditions to women who are poor, uneducated, and living in remote areas of the world.  Her foundation, One Heart World-Wide aims to save the life of women and children around the world, one birth at a time.  

Watch Samsen in this moving TED talk where she describes what her foundation is doing to give these babies and their mothers a fighting chance at life.

Watch: Dying to Give Birth
Nurse Practioner Arlene Samen shares how she is helping to protect women and babies in the most vulnerable maternity conditions.