Imagine this.  You are a single mom traveling with your wiggly, squiggly infant who has just let loose a monster of a mess in her drawers.  Now imagine that you are on an airplane.

No, this is not the plot for a horror film nor is it fiction for many moms who travel with their babies.  And it's the reason that one mom has taken to to ask Delta airlines to install changing tables on their planes.

Rachel Simmons was recently traveling with her nine-week old daughter when she found herself living the exact scenario mentioned above.  Not just once but twice.  

Should she change her daughter in the bathroom?  Yeah, right.

On the seat next to her?  Not an option.

On her lap?  That takes a special kind of gymnastic talent that this new mom of a nine-week-old admittedly did not posses.

On her outbound flight, Simmons wound up changing her daughter on the galley floor of the aircraft.  Not ideal, but at least the job got done.  But on her return trip, the flight attendant refused her the same "privilege," siting safety regulations, leaving Simmons with no choice but to ride out the flight without changing her daughter.

Now, I have to admit, my first thought upon reading about Simmons' plight and petition was, "Where in the world would they put a changing table on an airplane?"  This is no doubt the mindset of the decision makers at Delta and other airlines.  But if they can have Wi-fi, in-seat TVs, and power outlets, then surely they can figure out a way to install a fold-out table somewhere on a plane.  Why not just ask some of the innovators from Monday's White House Science Fair?  I'm sure those kids could come up with an easy and affordable solution.

The point is that parents need changing tables.  And parents fly on airplanes.  Trust me, one way to ensure that a baby fusses and cries for an entire flight is to make him sit in a messy diaper for hours on end.  

Want to support Simmons' petition to get airlines "on board" with changing tables?  Check it out at

Working mom petitions airline for changing tables
Traveling mom Rachel Simmons asks Delta airlines to install changing tables on all flights. Will they get on board?