Photographer Melissa Sheed's extensive portfolio of newborn and maternity photography features the tiniest — and most angelic — of models. Sheed uses the gorgeous natural scenery of Perth, Australia, along with her natural-light studio to create artistic compositions that highlight each family's newest addition. With imaginative props and a keen creative eye, Sheed showcases each little one's personality.

1. The Thinker

Newborn baby held in mother's hands

2. The Cowgirl

Newborn baby sleeping on a saddle near a horse

3. The Sweet Dreamer

Newborn baby smiling in sleep in a basket

4. Surprised!

Surprised newborn baby

5. Pretty in Pink

Newborn girl in pink

6. Little Princess

Newborn baby in a basket, with princess tiara

7. Stork's Gift

baby in a stork sling

8. Soft as a Feather

Cozy newborn baby on a feathery blanket

9. Beach Baby

Baby at the beach during sunset

10 & 11. The Twins

Twin newborns

Twin newborn feet

12. Basket Napper

Newborn baby in a basket at the beach

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