There are many perplexing things new parents face when bringing up a baby, but figuring out if a diaper is wet is not one of them. Seriously. You feel the diaper — it’s wet or it’s dry, that’s it.

But diaper-maker Huggies wants to make sure that babies aren’t spending one extra second in a soggy diaper, and have created a device and app currently being tested in Brazil. A plastic humidity sensor in the shape of an owl is clipped to the tot’s diaper and works in collaboration with an iPhone app, TweetPee. Baby pees, mommy gets a tweet.

The app also monitors the users’ diaper supply, keeps count of the average diaper use, and facilitates online ordering to assure that parents never run out of diapers. (Not to mention that they want to encourage parents to continue ordering Huggies as opposed to picking up another brand at the store.)

The concept seems so superfluous that many in the media are questioning its authenticity, but a spokesman for Kimberly-Clark Corp., which owns Huggies, confirmed that TweetPee is indeed real.

To see how it works (even though it's in Portuguese — it's for a Brazilian audience afterall) watch the video ad below:

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