Lisa Ling is in her eighth month of pregnancy, due to deliver a daughter in late February, and she’s trying to be “as green as possible” in providing a safe environment for her baby. “We're trying to do as much organic stuff for the nursery as we can. But I don’t know that everything in the nursery will be green. I want to say I’ll use cloth diapers but the reality is unlikely,” she admits. She and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, took an eco-friendly approach to the rest of their home, which has solar panels, sustainable wood flooring, and a water-conserving garden full of sustainable indigenous plants, “and a lot of rocks and fake grass.”

Ling’s docuseries “Our America” returns to the Oprah Winfrey Network January 22 with the first of eight new episodes that cover everything from obesity, religious extremism and polyamory to abused children, the sex lives of seniors, and in the debut, bondage, discipline and sadomasochism. “What I love about the show is we have the kind of topics where we get really deep and immersed. Every episode surprised me in a certain way,” says Ling, who also explores “The Secret Lives Of Seniors,” including her own father, a pot-smoking 75 year-old. Another episode focuses on the families of killers. “It’s so compelling. I learned how stigmatized these families are, and the impact this kind of crime has on them,” she says.

For the veteran of “The View” and numerous reports as a correspondent for National Geographic and Oprah Winfrey’s show, “Our America” ranks at the top of her list. “There’s no greater pride than being able to do this show,” declares Ling, who’s already at work developing and pitching new topics.

“There’s so much to explore in this country,” she says.

On February 8, she’ll host CBS’ new job interview competition series “The Job,” which brings employment-seekers before employees seeking to fill actual positions, and is peppered with helpful tips. “There is no more important issue right now in the country than jobs and the economy,” points out Ling. “I love that you’ll learn something from every show. You’ll be a better job interviewer.”

Ling, who was pregnant while shooting much of “Our America” and all of “The Job,” says she’s been lucky. “The only reason I could do it was I felt pretty good. I haven’t had any morning sickness.” She’d had a well-publicized miscarriage in 2010, and confides that had she not become pregnant she and her husband would have considered adoption, and still might in the future.

She’s still figuring out how she’ll juggle work and motherhood, but knows she wants for do more writing and revisit a novel she’d started but shelved, based on her grandparents’ lives. “I feel lucky that I’ve been able to accomplish as much as I have,” reflects Ling. “I’m grateful and I’m constantly trying to grow.”

Lisa Ling (partially) greens her nursery
Pregnant with her first child, she explores ”Our America” and hosts “The Job” on TV.