Brizi is a cushioned air filter that cleans the air around your child's face so they are exposed to less air pollution. Brizi is a cushioned air filter and fan that cleans the air around your child's face so they are exposed to less air pollution. (Photo: Brizi/Facebook)

Air pollution is bad for everyone, but it's particularly harmful to young children whose immune systems may be still developing. It contributes to diseases that cause nearly 10 percent of all deaths of kids under 5, according to UNICEF, and it can harm the healthy development of their brains. In 2013, the World Health Organization declared that outdoor air pollution causes cancer.

Kids are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of air pollution for another reason, too. Think about where the exhaust pipe of a truck is located. Now think about walking down an urban street full of cars and trucks. The heaviest, most dangerous particles are concentrated about two feet off the ground, which is roughly the height of a toddler and the level at which kids ride in strollers.

Yosi Romano had this thought in mind when he walked with his young daughter through the busy streets of London, and he came up with a smart idea for a solution. It's called Brizi, and it's a cushioned air filter and fan designed to clean the air around your baby's face and protect them from air pollution.

You can see it in action in the video below from the project's Kickstarter page:

Here's how it works, according to the product website: The fan blows in 1.5 liters of filtered air to a child’s breathing area every 10 seconds. This creates "a clean air barrier in the child's breathing area, both delivering clean air and preventing polluted air from entering the breathing zone." To stop polluted air from entering the breathing area, it uses medical-grade filters that absorb gases and block particles.

Brizi has other features that can help adults breathe cleaner air, too. The air filter contains high-tech sensors that detect harmful particles or gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, in the air. It sends this information to a free app via Bluetooth. When you call up the app on your phone, the data provided by Brizi users will show you which walking routes are more polluted than others so you can choose a clearer path.

The Kickstarter campaign is open until Oct. 22, 2017, and it has a ways to go for fundraising as of this writing.

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