When I interviewed Bill McKibben in my research for The Green Parent: The Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living, I thought he hit the nail on the head when he described fast food as an "environmental mess -- cheap food grown under dubious conditions and trucked long distances that makes kids fat."  

But is seems that one fast food giant, McDonald's, has been working hard to lose that environmentally unfriendly image.  And their efforts have placed them on the forefront of green in the fast food industry.

Here are some of McDonald's most recent green initiatives:

  • Purchasing fish products from sustainable fisheries.
  • Reusing fy oil for conversion to biofuels.
  • Working with the beef industry to reduce greenhouse gas emission and runoff pollution.
  • Installing solar panels and waste recovery and reuse systems in some building locations.
  • Striving for LEED ratings at a number of store facitilites
Is it enough of a change to cast Mickey D's in a green spotlight? Personally, I think they've got a long way to go before I see them as an eco-alternative for dinner.  But I do think it's a start.  And as a mom with a busy schedule who tries hard to go green, I appreciate the fact that McDonald's seems to be taking its eco-efforts seriously.  

Now let's see them supersize those efforts!

[via Reuters]

Photo by pixieclipx

Mickey D's is going green
Fast food giant gets serious about its environmental image.