Like many kids their age, my daughters crank out piles of artwork on a daily basis. I try to make sure that most of their artwork is done on recycled paper. To keep it green, I try these ideas to get the most mileage out of their paintings, sketches and drawings before they hit the recycle bin.

  1. Hang art on a clothesline or fence on a sunny day.
  2. Staple several pieces of artwork together to make a book.
  3. Use the artwork as stationary and write letters to relatives and friends.
  4. Pick up a few secondhand frames at your local thrift store to display art and give as gifts.
  5. Roll up artwork and gently insert it in to a clean, recycled clear bottle. Unroll the artwork in the bottle to display.
  6. Paste or glue drawings around clean, recycled metal cans and use as a pencil holder.
  7. Use art to wrap presents.
  8. Take a box of your child's artwork to your local senior center or hospital and if possible, let her hand them out to patients and residents as gifts.
  9. Give out artwork as gifts to family and friends.
  10. Make keepsake holiday ornaments and decorations by trimming art and laminating it if necessary.
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