If you've spent any time on the web today, chances are you have been hit by at least one of today's epic April Fools' Day pranks.  Maybe even all of them.  From Google to Redbox, to Domino's, it seems like every big company is getting in on the April 1st fun.  And if the viral posts earn them a little free advertising, at least its all in good fun.  

Chances are, these pranks will be circulating on the web for the next several weeks.  So keep this page handy so that you can double check before you get fooled.  Here are ten of this year's most awesome April Fools' Day pranks:

1. Redbox's new MoodMatch DVD rental machines that will recommend a movie based on your mood

2. Study showing that more Americans are willing to try cannibalism than veganism.

3. The fitness watch that shows calories burned while twerking.

4. Sonic's new Kale Cream Pie smoothie.

5. Cheeto's new Cheeteau by Chester perfume (with the tagline - 'The Smell of Hunger')

6. LinkedIn's new CYMK (Cats You May Know) platform that lets you 'cat-nect' with feline influencers around the web.

7. SouthWest Airline's newly released flights to Mars (at the introductory price of $9,999 from select cities:

8. The new edible pizza box from Dominos Pizza UK (for people who really like that extra crust.)

9. A new app on Google+ that allows users to insert a David Hasselhoff photobomb in all pictures.

10. Google's plan to donate 80 percent of search engine revenue to plant trees in the rainforest.

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From the David Hasselhoff photobomb to Domino's new edible pizza box, these April Fool's pranks are making making their rounds on the web.