Let me just state for the record that I am NOT the scrooge of Halloween. I actually love the holiday - kids dressed up in their sweet and spooky finest, visiting with neighbors and friends, and even the candy - in moderation. I definitely let my kids eat it and I have even been known to sneak a few pieces myself. But I have also found that kids love to mix it up from the traditional candy bars and lollipops. And these 10 alternatives to Halloween are sure to be a hit in any trick-or-treat basket.

1. Happy Meal toys

2. Stickers

3. Halloween pencils

4. Temporary Tattoos

5. Glow sticks

6. Bubbles

7. Raisins. I have actually had great success with these. The first year I handed them out, I mixed in some candy too (so as not to get egged!) and I found that the raisins actually went faster than the candy.

8. Pretzels. Kids gobbled these up the year I handed them out. Turns out, all of that 'trick-or-treating' leaves a kid hungry!

9. Barrettes and hair bows.

10. Crayons. These are perfect for younger kids but you may want to make sure you have something in your basket for the older kids too.

If you do want to hand out candy, check out Robin's post on eco-friendlier Halloween candy choices. Also, Lori Alper from Groovy Green Livin' has you covered if you're looking for non-GMO Halloween treats.

And what do you do with all of that questionable Halloween candy that your own kids bring home? Check out Stephanie Moram's post on Good Girl Gone Green for tips ditching that Halloween candy.

Do you have any ideas to share?

10 fun alternatives to Halloween candy
Think outside the candy box with these candy-free ideas for Halloween.