Feel like you're stuck in a rut?  Like the best years of your life are behind you?  Like you will never make a dent in that bucket list?

Don't despair.  As this infographic proves, you're never too old to make your life happen.  The number of people aged 60 and above has doubled since 1980.  As those seniors aren't just sitting on their laurels.  They, like so many before them, are making big changes in the second chapter of their lives.

So if you need some inspiration - or possibly even a kick in the pants - to get your life moving on the right track, read up about these ten fascinating people who made a name for themselves with major accomplishments later in life.10 People Whose Lives Began at 60

10 People Whose Lives Began at 60 [Infographic] by the team at bluebirdcare.ie

10 people whose lives began after 60
Think you're too old to start over? Here are 10 people who didn't really start living until much later in life.