All kids love an adventure. Granted, for some kids, an adventure is climbing Mt. Everest or sailing solo around the world, while other (most) kids think it's an adventure when they get to stay an extra 20 minutes at the park. But one thing that all kids can agree on is that it's fun to see new things.  

You don't have to take your kids on an expensive trip around the world to help them explore their planet. In fact, according to 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!, many adventures await right in your own hometown. The "untravel" guide suggests visiting sites such as a pig pen, a working farm, a local landfill, the house where your parents grew up, a jail, a working port and an aquarium.  

The book also suggests activities such as checking out what goes on backstage at the theater, visiting your parent's office, experiencing another culture’s cuisine at an ethnic restaurant, or getting the inside scoop about what goes on in the teacher’s lounge! And it also includes a check-off list — making it easy for kids to mark their progress — as well as a fold-out map of North America, so they can really see where they've been and where they're headed.

I'm looking forward to getting this book for my 7-year-old and tracking our progress over the next few years before she turns 12!

101 places to see before you're 12
Kids' book offers a global scavenger hunt of places to explore and things to do.