California sixth-grader Aitan Grossman likes music and he doesn't like global warming. So he wrote a song for children all over the world to sing to raise awareness about the climate change. School children all over the world, from Botswana to France to Guatemala have joined kidEarth in song already.

Here are two of my favorite versions:

Schoolchildren in Paris, France:

and Nick Streets' rap version:

The more kids who sing Aitan's song, the bigger its impact will be as children everywhere, together, raise the world's awareness about the climate change. Aitan's made it easy — the song's notes, lyrics and instrumental tracks are on KidEarth's website. Kids can use Aitan's words or write their own and, if they want to join voices together with others around the world, they can post a "100 Generations" music video to go along with those already on kidEarth's video page.  

For those who'd rather listen than sing, "100 Generations" can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon MP3. Profits from sales will go to groups working to fight climate change like Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection and the World Wildlife Fund.

All Aitan asks is that schools participating send him their names and cities/towns so he can mention them on the kidEarth website.

Photo of Aitan Grossman courtesy of KidEarth

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