Scared family

Photos: Nightmares Fear Factory

A frightful experience for the whole family

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada, is famous for capturing hilarious, candid photos of visitors reacting to the terrors lurking within its mysterious halls.

But maybe there's more to these photos than meets the eye; maybe there are some lessons we can learn from these terrified mugs. If you're looking to bring the family together this season, visit a local haunted house. After all, there doesn't seem to be anything quite as unifying as being scared out of your wits.

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Man and child in haunted house

Closer than ever

Haunted houses are the perfect solution to get your preteen to start clinging to you once again.

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Family in haunted house

Create an unbreakable bond

There's nothing like a seemingly life-threatening experience to create an emotional (and physical) link between individuals.

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Scared girl jumping on her friend

Test your physical boundaries

And know that the friends who let you jump all over them are there to stay.

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Daughter with family members in haunted house

Dad can show how brave he is

Haunted houses are the perfect place for macho men to strut their stuff. Don't worry, kids!

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They can provide unconventional family portraits

Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind family portraits, courtesy of Nightmares Fear Factory.

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Man with his son in a haunted house

Adults will feel young again

Age doesn't matter in a haunted house. Grown-ups can feel free to cower in fear right beside the little guys!

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Scared girl protecting friends

Show your survival skills

You can impress family and friends with your unyielding strength and resolve.

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Family screaming

Parents can prove they're cool

If you make it out of the haunted house, you may gain a new level of respect from your kids.

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Scared young men

Team-building exercises

You can team up with your friends and test your trust as you travel through the dark.

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Image alt text here

Don't worry, no one goes alone!

People may fear that they will be left behind in a haunted house. But really there are many ways to stay with the group, such as shirt-grabbing, piggyback riding and gripping each others' hands in terror.

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Son jumping on his father in fear

Cardio, cardio, cardio

Whether you're jumping, running, or carrying someone through a haunted house, these scary abodes do a lot to get your heartrate up.

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young kids scared at a haunted house

Kids love it, too!

I mean, just look at the pure bliss on these kids' faces.

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