What started out as a fun way to help mom and dad pick out their grad among the sea of graduation caps has morphed into a creative outlet for new graduates to express themselves. It's the decorated graduation cap, and it's no longer just a bow or an arrow or a "Look Ma, It's Me" sign.

Seniors have taken the idea of the decorated cap to a whole new level, complete with memes, snapchat codes and spot-on pop-culture quotes.

Graduates may be heading into an uncertain future, but they're taking one last opportunity to have a little fun and remember their big day in a big way.

We've scoured the web for the best of the best, and here are our faves:

This 'Lion King' fan:

This Elsa fan:

This wonder-ful new grad:

This 'super' new teacher:

This grad who shares some wise words from Pooh:

This Sinatra fan:

This future crazy cat lady:

This grad who is clearly lost:

8 hilarious graduation caps to appreciate
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