Over the years, I've talked to a number of parents who told me they wished they could do more to celebrate Earth Day with their kids, but they just don't have time for a lot of fancy crafts or day-long outdoor activities. Who does?!? Fortunately, there are all kinds of things you can do to commemorate Earth Day with your kids. Here are 22 ideas to get you started:

1. Go for a nature walk.

2. Ride bikes.

3. Have a picnic.

4. Make a paint chip mosiac of the Earth.

5. Serve a vegetable and fruit flower snack.

6. Plant a garden.

7. Decorate a recycling box.

8. Pick up litter in your neighborhood or at a local park.

9. Go canoeing.

10. Make a batch of Earth Day cookies.

11. Go wading in a creek.

12. Make an Earth Day suncatcher.

13. Go for a hike in your favorite national park.

14. Create a craft from nature.

15. Read "The Lorax."

16. Build a solar oven (and use it to bake your Earth Day cookies!)

17. Plant a tree.

18. Leave the car at home and walk or bike all day.

19. Buy local.

20. Go meat-free.

21. Turn off the tap.

22. Be outside.

Earth Day means different things to different people. Find what works for your and your family and do it!

Happy Earth Day!

22 Earth Day activities for kids
Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day with your family? Here are 22 eco-savvy ideas to get you started.