In 1995, a dad filmed his two children coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.  He did the same thing in 1986, and '87, and so on and so on.  Twenty-five years later, this seemingly silly tradition was compiled into one amazing holiday video.  A video that captures not only the joy and excitement of children on Christmas morning, but also the wonderful transformation these kids experience as they go from sweet silly kiddos, sliding down the stairs on the butts, to self-conscious teens trying to skirt past the camera, to sentimental young adults honoring the family's holiday tradition.  

Throughout the video, animal friends come and go.  And a new family member joins the scene.  Each segment capturing a glimpse into the family's changes that year.

Check it out:


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25 years of Christmas = 1 amazing holiday video
Catch a glimpse into 25 years of memories for one lucky family whose dad had the foresight to capture them on film.