With all of the stories about bullying in the news these past few months, it sure is nice to hear and share a story like this one about a boy who cares so much for his fellow classmates that he's come up with a way to cure the loneliness blues at recess.

Christian Bucks of York, Penn., was worried about his fellow second-grade classmates who he thought looked lonely at playtime. So he created the "Buddy Bench," a place where kids can go if they are looking to talk or join in a game but don't know how to ask. The Buddy Bench is painted in bright and inviting colors and is installed in a central location in the playground. The idea is that if a child is sitting there, another child or group of kids in the playground will ask her if she wants to play.

According to an article on Bucks' Buddy Bench in the York Daily Record, Christian first heard about the idea in a brochure for a school in Germany.  He liked it so much that he pitched the idea to his school's principal and it grew from there.  

Bucks told the Record that he hopes the bench will help "grow our dream circle of friends."

It's no wonder Matt Lauer called Christian his "new favorite kid." Check it out in this clip from the "Today" show:

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