Think there are no great Passover books for kids? Think again. These titles will help you explain the traditions and rituals of the Passover seder to your children so that you can share in the holiday gathering.

"The Passover Seder" by Emily Sper. This interactive book not only informs kids about the traditions and rituals that they will come across at the Passover seder, it also lets kids practice them. The book's clever design allows kids to open a Hagaddah; turn a seder plate to match symbolic foods; lift the napkin and "break" the middle matzah; touch matzah, parsley and a pillow; pour drops of wine to symbolize the 10 plagues; help the Jews cross the Red Sea; search for the hidden afikomen; and open the door to welcome Elijah the Prophet.

"Sammy Spider's First Passover" by Sylvia Rouss. This is the story of a spider named Sammy who must learn to spin a web to replace the one that was destroyed when the family whose home he occupies sweeps it away to prepare for Passover. Sammy's mother tells her son about the story of Passover, while repeatedly reminding him the "Spiders don't celebrate Passover. Spiders spin webs." Using cut paper artwork reminiscent of Erik Carle, Rouss' spider uses cheery illustrations to depict the Passover story, and Sammy's clever method for obeying his mother while still participating in the Passover event.  

"My Very Own Haggadah" by Sally Springer. This book is is the perfect kid-friendly guidebook to the Passover seder. "My Very Own Haggadah" explains a child's first seder service, with the story of Passover, an explanation of holiday symbols, seder blessings, and songs as well as craft ideas, and pictures to color.